I have the hardest time selecting something as my “favorite”. How can one thing be so definite, so final, that you would never change your mind and be able to always say it’s your “favorite”? Considering that, imagine my stress when I had to select several favorites for my co-worker holiday staff meeting tomorrow.

Here’s the assignment and my answers:

  • White Elephant Gift Exchange: $20 limit bring something in that’s your “favorite thing”, that could be unisex. [Can’t reveal answer prior to the big exchange. Rules of the game state that stealing, swiping, trading, etc. must be done while wrapped.]
  • Song List: A tradition started last year, we send in songs based on criteria and the compilation is then distributed as a gift. Last year, the criteria was our Top 10 all time songs. This year, the criteria was as follows:

1. Favorite Song from High School [Mary Jane’s Last Dance by Tom Petty] Why: First, yes I know what it’s talking about and no that’s not what I mean. We lived in Nebraska my Freshman year. My friends were the ones in drama and mock trail with me and I guess they might be have been a little ‘hippy’. Anyway, they gave me the nickname “Indiana” and for some reason, this song reminds me of that time.

2. Favorite Song from High School + 4 years [Somewhere over the Rainbow by Bradda Iz] Why: Maui is a special place for my family. My college graduation present was to travel and stay with my family who live on the island. It was there I heard this song for the first time and decided it would be played at my wedding (it was) and my funeral.

3. Favorite Song that Makes you Smile [Free Me by Joss Stone] Why: Love her voice. Love the rhythm. Love the attitude. Just makes me smile.

4. Favorite Song that Makes you Sad [Make You Feel My Love by ADELE] Why: I heard this not long before my Pawpaw passed away. He was one of the most important men – frankly, people – in my life. To give some perspective, he walked me down the aisle. The night he died, we were all there with him and after I was sitting in his living room with my mom and this song came into my head. I played it for her and she and I both cried knowing that there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do to make us feel his love at that very moment.

5. Favorite Song that Makes your Feet Move [Footloose by Kenny Loggins] Why: Come on? Feet move. Footloose. Get it? Really though, this song takes me back immediately to when my cousins and I would play the record and dance/jump on the bed. Footloose and fancy-free.

6. Favorite Song that Makes you Feel Romantic [Come Away with Me by Norah Jones] Why: Anything Norah sings is absolutely lovely but this just screams romance in my opinion. It was a close tie between her and Harry Connick, Jr. though.

What would your favorites be if you had to participate in the same activities?