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What does that title mean anyway?  Real Housewives. Seriously? I don’t think any of the real housewives I know behave like the ones portrayed on “reality” TV. Thankfully.

They say you form the essence of you will be by an early age – 4 or 5 years old.  When I think of the real women in my life – who allow me to be my real self – our relationship goes back to this early time when our friendship was formed around the first grade. We built a special bond. Pre-braces. Pre-boyfriends. Pre-babies.

Between the four of us, we are:

  • All in our 30’s
  • Holders of some college, a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree and an almost complete PhD
  • 3 outside-the-home workers, 1 inside-the-home worker
  • Married, Re-Married and Single
  • Mothers of a total of 11 children (combined), including one who is now an angel
  • 3 brunettes, 1 blond

However, no matter all the ways you might be able to put a label on us, none of those definitions will define us.  We know who we each are really.

These real housewives are my oldest friends. They are also some of the very best.  My husband says, “Why do you always cry when you talk about those girls?”  I’m not sure exactly why but my heart wells up with gratitude when I think of them and with unconditional love that I feel for them and that they return.  Why is this? 

We are four women who forged friendship at an early age. We went to school together. We went to church together. We went on with our lives in various directions. Today, we stand together. They allow me to love them unconditionally and they return it. Everyone should have a relationship like this.

Why aren’t all relationships this genuine?  I think we have an advantage of knowing each other from the earliest time when we were just being formed into the real us.  There’s no back-story required. There’s no worry about judgment. Friends who know the real you offer a safe place for sharing and support.  I am blessed beyond words to count these women as my friends. I am a better me having them in my life.  I hope that their relationship is a model I can use with others and that others might find value in as well.

These are the real housewives.