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I’m a big fan of unexpected marketing. You know, the things that catch you by surprise and leave you smiling or even better, thinking about making a purchase. However, not every piece of marketing is created equal. Oftentimes, it’s not the medium that fails to deliver but rather how the designer fails to make the most of the opportunity.

Semi Truck Marketing_steaks.jpgI snapped this photo of a semi-truck making the most of its moving billboard at a red light the other day. I love this as an example of what to do.

  • Play upon what’s expected. Here they took the expected (Caution: Vehicle Makes Wide Turns) and used it to get the attention of the consumer (May Cause Mouth to Water).
  • Provide a way to track ROI. In this example, it’s the discount code (TRUCK) used when placing an order.
  • Keep it simple. This design is a bit busy, but overall I had enough time to let it catch my attention, see the offer, read the phone number and dial it if I had wanted steaks.

Kudos to this team for making the most of their moving billboards!

Are you taking full advantage of your marketing opportunities?