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Yikes! It’s been over a month since my last post. My apologies to the few of you who have missed me. And you’re welcome to those of you grateful for my silence. 🙂

It seems like conference season starts as the spring flowers bloom. I’m looking forward to a few upcoming conferences and what I’ll take away. (More on these later including an opportunity that was on my bucket list!) There are as many reasons to attend a conference as there are options for topics and locations.

For me, I attend with the goal of being inspired, learning, connecting with others and bringing that inspiration and connection back to my organization. I shared my tips for getting the most out of a conference during last conference season. As I prep for my latest learning experience, I was grateful to a friend for sharing this Lifehacker tip, “Sit In the Front Row and Get More Out of Your Meetings and Conferences.” More good advice!

In fact, I just heard this week that at TED events, you’re asked to sit in the back row if you’re using technology to take notes during presentations. Otherwise, the blue screens are distracting to those in the room and those watching via simulcast or video. How true!

What are the best tips you have to share for getting the most out of a conference?