Do you notice when you’re being marketed to? It seems like more recently, I’ve noticed some marketers being smart about how they connect. Just today, Kevin Mullett pointed out (much to his dismay) that he acted on Facebook marketing yesterday.

KMullett_facebook ad worked_022813I wonder if anyone else notices when an ad works on them. My husband says I only notice things like this because I work in the field. What I’ve been noticing more recently, isn’t how or when I act on a message but rather on how a marketer reaches me.

Example: Yesterday, someone I work with sent an article my direction. After reading it and finding it valuable, I noticed I hadn’t previously heard of the publication. Of course, I looked to see if they had a social media presence and followed them on Twitter. Fast forward about 30 hours and an email lands in my inbox telling me to “Renew Your Free Subscription Today.” Wow! I never had a subscription but hey, if it’s free. That’s what they want me to think any way. (And I will probably sign up for it since it’s industry related content and someone I respect finds it to be valuable.)

Isn’t the sales funnel interesting? Am I the only one who notices these things?