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“Heather, thanks for being part of an important milestone at LinkedIn.” That’s what the subject line read. I imagined the email would spell out a new product launch that I get to be a part of or that they were announcing they’d crossed a significant user milestone. Imagine my surprise curiosity when I saw this.

LinkedIn_Top 1% email_Feb 2012Call me a skeptic, but I just don’t see how I’m in the top 1% of viewed profiles. If I am, then I’m guessing I know several others who are in the same percentile. And if that’s true, the other 99% must not really use LinkedIn because it doesn’t seem hard to attract attention there.

I’m also curious if they sent out other 1% emails for different achievements. Did anyone receive a “Top 1% of profiles with the most connections” or the “Top 1% of the profiles receiving endorsements?” I wonder because I’m not sure what value there is in being viewed. Obviously there would be great value if I was job seeking. (I’m not. And I purposefully leave “seeking job opportunities” off my LinkedIn profile.) I’d rather score well for being active and engaging with others.

So here’s what I’m left wondering: How many of you also received the Top 1% email and do you find value in the knowledge and the potential of that statistics?