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I don’t remember how it started. I’d like to think it was a stroke of genius I had. Regardless, this little story has become our favorite Disney memory and one you can easily experience for yourself.

Cinderella's Castle_night time holidayDuring the Magic Kingdom Wishes Fireworks performance, Tinkerbell herself “flies” from Cinderella’s castle into the park and over the crowd. Since she flies on a guide wire that’s visible during the day (most won’t notice it), parents can easily pick out a point in the park under the wire to stand and watch the nighttime show. We select a spot on the bridge to Tomorrowland.

As we discuss our plans for the day, we talk about the fireworks and what the kids can expect. (Here’s where we add in our own story.) We told our daughter that every night, Tinkerbell chooses one special child to fly over. For her, the thought of the possibility of being selected by Tinkerbell is thrilling.

That night, we stand on the bridge underneath the wire. Since we know what is coming, we wait with as much anticipation as she does when Tinkerbell appears atop the castle. During our first visit, our daughter was beyond belief when she exclaimed “She picked ME!” as Tink flew overhead.

Fast forward to our second trip. We didn’t talk too much about the flight and selection of a special child. However, we took our place on the bridge and awaited the display.

She picked ME!

She picked ME!

This was her face beaming as Tink flew over her again. She said, “For the first time in my life, one of my wishes just came true. I wished she’d pick me again.”

Yep, I cried. I love this little tradition we’ve created. It’s definitely become my favorite Disney moment.