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We’ve all heard of Random Acts of Kindness, but I think it’s worth another look for the holiday. Maybe you’ve just finished 30 days of thankfulness and you’re wondering what to do with the momentum you feel. Why not set a goal of doing Random Acts of Christmas? While you’re busy buying gifts for special people in your life, it is also a great time to think of others and how a little random kindness might benefit their day. I’m so excited to do this through December!


Here are a few (under $5!!!) ideas:

  • Common Courtesy – Often times, we’re rushed when we great someone with the common, “Hi! How are you?” Instead of walking through that statement, often missing the response, why not stop and pause to look the person in the eye and genuinely ask how they are doing. Be present to hear their response and be willing to continue the conversation. This might seem too simple and like it wouldn’t qualify, but when you think about the impact – huge. And, it’s free. No barrier to give this one a try.
  • Use What You’ve Been Given – In the November Birchbox, they included packaging that encourages you to gift to others. Maybe you received the same Birchbox or maybe it’s an email encouraging you to participate in a sending an encouraging message to others. Whatever it is, if the world is encouraging you to share, take the advice! I can’t wait to put a little treat in this purple box and give it to someone who will hopefully re-purpose the box and do the same.
  • Social Media Shout-out – If you have a Facebook account, you’ve likely hopefully experienced the steady stream of birthday wishes. Admit it, it feels good to see 100 or more people wishing you well. But who needs to wait for a birthday?! Why not pick someone special and encourage fellow friends and followers to let them know you appreciate them, find them humorous, or can’t wait to get to know them better.
  • You’ve Got Mail – In today’s world of technology, time and attention can mean so much more. Sending a simple, handwritten card to a friend on a random day letting them know why they’re special in your life can mean a great deal. I personally know how much more I appreciate a piece of mail rather than an email. It only takes five minutes in your day and the cost of postage to fill someone’s day with appreciation. (See my friend Wendy’s post on this very topic for more inspiration.)
  • Dollar Deals – Have you ever cruised the dollar (plus) aisle at Target and bought one of the random items you found? How great to turn that random grab into a random gift. I grabbed a couple of these notebooks on a recent Target run and can’t wait to share them with a few people.
  • Share a Starbucks – Having been the giver and receiver of a free Starbucks, I love how this can be the unexpected and needed gift in the day! You might decide it is easiest do this on a pay day or maybe you notice the hurried mom behind you who could use a pick-me-up in her day. Regardless of why or who, it’s as simple as telling the barista you’re going to pay for the car behind you in the drive-through. Considering the average price of an order at Starbucks, you’re likely only out an extra $5 or less. What’s great is when you bless the person behind you and they are blessed further by continuing the generosity by paying for the person behind them and on and on. So simple, yet so easy to create many smiles.

This list isn’t extensive, but I don’t want to reveal all the ideas since I’m thinking about making a few of them more secret-Santa-style with specific gifts for individuals. 🙂

Is this a holiday tradition for you? Considering making it one? I’d love to know if you have given or received random acts of kindness!

UPDATE: The terrific folks behind Impact 52 are challenging you to #25DaysGiving! I noticed a few of these examples are also things they suggest.  Join them!!!