It’s the final day of the month and the final post in this Attitude of Gratitude series. What a joy it has been to reflect on the good in each day, every day through November! Tonight, I reflect on the day but also over the month and life in general.

Nov 30_to do list

  • Three cheers for a completely crossed-off task list, an inbox at 5 (try as I might, I just can’t hit zero) and no work in my bag for the weekend.
  • I’m super thrilled at the special “super job!” note I brought home from my daughter’s teachers this afternoon. She’s the only one to receive the recognition today and boy did it mean a lot to all of us! My husband and I have really noticed her working much harder at listening, helping and being less self-interested. I love that her teachers noted the exact same things! I am so thankful for these improvements.
  • While I’m talking about her, she’s also improving with her reading every day. When we started reading her Bible, she’s read one or two words each line. Now, she’s reading entire lines and sentences all by herself. I hope she finds a love for reading and learning like I have.
  • Every day, my husband makes me so thankful to be a team member with him. I couldn’t be more grateful to God for choosing him as my partner. He is such a helper when I need it, and it seems like I need it a lot. 🙂
  • Of course, I’m thankful for the little man in my life. Boy, what a joy to be the mom of a boy! The grins and giggles outnumber the grimaces. It is so cool to see his sweet spirit and sports-minded heart develop.
  • I am blessed with excellent friends in my life. I’m looking forward to spending some time with forever friends this weekend and thinking ahead to time in December with those friends I love like family. And just as much, I’m thankful for newer friendships and those people who are willing to break bread (Cuban sandwiches anyone?) with random friends.
  • My extra-large, at-large family is pretty amazing too. We don’t get to choose our family and often times, we’re not able to choose family circumstances either. Regardless, I’m blessed with a large, supportive family. I have parents who always have my back and younger sisters who keep me accountable. I have the BEST grandparents in the world, super cool aunts and uncles, and cousins I’d be proud to call brothers and sisters.

Overall, life is too good to contain in just 30 days of gratitude. Clearly no one and no life is perfect. But, I will choose gratitude for what I’ve been given, hope in continued grace, and faith in the One who provides it all.