It’s interesting as I’ve done this each day of November. I find myself trying to identify the ‘big’ thing I’m grateful for each day. But I think sometimes that is the easy thing to do. To look and find the thing we ought to be thankful for. But instead, by taking the time to think about the little things too, that’s where I find real thankfulness. What a blessing to consider my entire day can be filled with goodness. Thinking back on today, I’m grateful for:

  • A somewhat spontaneous lunch with a dear friend. We can pick up where we left off and talk about everything and nothing. I just love her.
  • The simple act of sharing a table at Starbucks with strangers because I knew the expecting mom and toddler needed the seat more than I did.
  • Great music to dance to while cleaning. (Current playlist that moves me: “My Body” by Young the Giant; “Changing” by The Airborne Toxic Event; “Block After Block” by Matt & Kim; “Marathon” by Tennis; “Get it Daddy” by Sleeper Agent; “Daylight” by Matt & Kim; and of course “Don’t Don’t Don’t Don’t (…Let’s Do!)” by The Final Hurrahs.
  • The thought of how coming home to a clean house and no dishes in the sink will please my hubby who is working while sick.
  • My daughter saying “This is my favorite part of my day” about our new habit of reading a chapter in her Bible.
  • Quiet time at the end of the night to blog, get organized, and just rest.

Are you noticing the great moments all day long or only looking for the big ones?