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Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana

Today I volunteered for the sixth week in a row at a local public high school. I’m volunteering to teach “Success Skills,” the Freshman JA course. This year has been more challenging than years past but in the last few weeks, I’ve seen real growth in the students.

I’m thankful to see the light-bulbs going off for these kids! Today we discussed advertising and resumes. You might not see a logical connection. But there is when you consider you want your resume to present your best (and honest) self along with being memorable and something that generates a call to action…the interview.

I think today may have been the first time the students considered things like how their Facebook page, email address and even ringtone might affect their job prospects.

I am thankful for the opportunity to volunteer with such a valuable organization. When I think about the opportunity this information can provide for these kids’ futures, it’s exciting. I’m privileged to be a small part of their future success.