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What to say about today. Today was a big deal in the life of my son. First, he’s two and a half. And he loves nothing more in the world than hockey. He wants to be a goalie when he grows up. (I’m completely serious.) And today was the first day toward his goal – he got on the ice. Never before has he had on ice skates. He’s had on goalie pads, a helmet and of course used a stick, but never the skates.

Today was also the first day my dad skated with my son. I’m pretty sure today was a big deal for my dad too. My dad got stuck with had two girls. Not quite what a hockey-playing, hunting, fishing, guy’s-guy dreams of I’m sure. (That said, he definitely loves us!) But, he never got to pass on those things he excels at. Until today.

Today, I got to watch my son and my dad skate together. Pretty darn awesome. I am SO thankful those moments happened. Many years ago, my dad was pretty sick and I didn’t know if these memories would ever happen. Having that perspective, makes you cherish the opportunity to make these memories.

And for that – the memories and love – I am grateful today.