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It’s worth noting I’m posting this before election results so don’t expect a “I’m thankful ____ won” post.

Today I’m thankful for “timing.” You know those moments when you realize the stars have aligned. It doesn’t have to be huge but it’s just something that makes you say, “Thanks!” Today it was as simple as presenting to a university class about creating brand ambassadors using digital PR.

Cue the timing. Yesterday, I received an email from Starbucks letting me know they would be gifting all visitors to their stores today with a complimentary Indivisible bracelet. I received the email because I’ve signed up for their rewards program. (Gold card, baby!) I would’ve received the bracelet today without knowing about the email. (Perhaps some of you did.) But the email ahead of time made me feel special, like an insider.

Exactly the sort of experience I needed to share with the class today. Thanks Starbucks for doing a great job of digital PR! You made my life easier.