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Today I’m thankful for freedom. To me, I experience freedom when I am able to live in my home without fear of oppression. When I am able to attend church and worship my God without fear of retaliation. When I am able to travel our roads freely. And on Tuesday, I will exercise my right to vote in celebration of the freedom and democracy we each enjoy.

If you are voting on Tuesday (and unless you were an early voter, you should be!), here are a few resources you might find helpful:

Google Ballot Tool – Simply type in your home address where you are registered to vote, and Google will show you who will be on your ballot using the tabs on the right. NOTE: this is not necessarily complete if you have school boards or other local races on your ballot. Be sure to visit the (Allen County) Election Board if you want to see a full list.

YLNI the Vote Brochure – For those living in Allen County, Indiana, Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana have put together their annual Candidates Brochure. They asked questions to each candidate on the local ballot and put their answers in an easy-to-compare brochure for you to review. Each year, this is my favorite tool. I find it fascinating which candidates choose to respond and who does not. (Just because you’re an incumbent, doesn’t mean you don’t have to work for my vote.) Download the PDF and share the link with others. NOTE: School Board positions for FWCS, EACS, and SWAC are not included.