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Many people choose to create a habit of thankfulness for the month of November. I think it’s an excellent idea. What better way is there to train your mind to look for the bright side of things.

In an effort to join the celebration of good, I will be posting daily through Thanksgiving with an “attitude of gratitude.” I’d love if you join me! Simply leave a comment to your own post. Thankfulness is the right kind of contagious!

Parkview Regional Medical Center

  • I am grateful to have a job.
  • I am grateful to work for an amazing employer. An employer who leads our community in providing jobs.
  • I am grateful to have my personal passions align with the mission and vision of the organization I work for. An alignment that is rewarded and encouraged.

Thank you, Parkview, for being not just a place that provides excellent healthcare to my family and I but also inspires us daily!