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O’Hare Urban Garden, 2012

This article from Springwise on an urban farm and market reminds me of the urban garden I saw in Chicago’s O’Hare airport in September. It caught my attention as I was walking between concourses. As I stopped to snap this photo, I wondered the following:

  • Who owns the garden? As in who committed financial resources to place the structure and seeds.
  • Who receives the garden harvest? Are fellow travelers allowed to enjoy?
  • Is this a one-off or part of a comprehensive urban garden plan?

As I write this post, I don’t know the answers to the above questions. Regardless of the answers, I appreciate that it made me pause and consider the opportunity for urban gardens in my hometown airport and other locations that would cause people to pause and ponder to the potential.

UPDATE: This post by northwest Ohio writer and gardener answers questions 1 and 3. I love that she had the same experience I did walking through the airport and that she did the extra research!