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It’s that time! Meet other blogging women, learn something new and perhaps make a new friend. The 10-4 Party is here!

1. Do you listen to Pandora? What’s your go-to Pandora station? I’m not a Pandora user, but have started to use and love Spotify.

2. What is your favorite post from August? The Practice of Stillness. Being honest, I didn’t managed to fully accomplish this but it’s on my radar and something I’m working on. I love a challenge, especially when it seems to be so beneficial.

3. What non-cartoon TV show reminds you of your childhood? Poor Abby. I can never have just one answer. 🙂 I am right there with you on Full House; I was DJ and my sister was Michelle. But I also reminisce about Growing Pains.

4. What bad habit do you have that even annoys you? What are you talking about? I’m perfect. HA! In my job, I’m often speaking in front of people and I have a bad habit of saying “Um.” I hate it! I know how important it is to remove it and how it distracts from the message but I can’t break it. Anyone have advice?

5. What 5 things would you take with you if your house was on fire?  People don’t count…hopefully, that’s a given. Our wedding guest book (It’s a framed photo of us from the big day surrounded by a mat signed by all the guests with special notes.); My kids’ nussies (The blankets they can’t sleep without.); …. I’m really struggling with this. It seems like everything else is replaceable – clothes, photos, etc. I guess my backup hard-drive so that I can replace those things I left behind. 🙂

6. Do you have a cleaning schedule that you use to keep up with your housework? It’s a good thing my husband doesn’t read my blog or he’d be having a good laugh right now. We don’t have a schedule and we definitely share this. Keeping up with the honesty, he often shoulders a larger portion of this burden. Yes, I’m spoiled. Essentially, we maintain during the week and then tackle dusting, vacuuming, bathrooms, etc. when we’re home together.

7. What was your high school mascot?  Please tell me you have the ability to scan a high school picture to post too… The Braves. Although, no mascot, just a logo. And because you asked, here are two photos from my senior year. The first is banquet; I wore a vintage dress I picked up over spring break in Ybor City. The second is a fun pic of my high school best friends and I. We were so ok with just being ourselves, which often meant goofy, and that’s why this is still one of my favorite photos.

8. What is your favorite picture from August? We had a milestone in August…my daughter starting Kindergarten. I surprised her before her first day with a mommy-date and this photo captures how filled she was at the end of our time. I’m a big fan of love languages and hers were definitely spoken that day. 🙂

9.  What do you love most about Fall? What’s not to love. It’s a combination of the crispness in the air and the smell of bonfires along with the opportunity to layer in snugly sweaters and boots.

10.  Tell me your dream cupcake. I have such a sweet tooth so this is a tough one! I love white chocolate and fruit flavors. However, I was surprised to love a few desserts at DeBrand’s that I didn’t expect…their PBJ chocolate and their caramel and apple dessert. I wonder if you could translate those to cupcakes? A chocolate cupcake with a grape jelly flavor and a peanut butter icing. A vanilla cupcake with an apple pie filling center, vanilla icing and caramel drizzle. Now I’m hungry. 🙂

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