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I’m still working on my goal of better in, better out for 2012. I’m doing well on eating healthier and being more active. I’m trying to better on what I’m feeding my mind too, but it’s difficult.

One thing I do enjoy reading is Michael Hyatt’s blog. He writes on leadership, faith, tips and tricks, and his publishing experience. Recently, he wrote about the “practice of stillness.” He is quick to explain this is not praying, planning or problem-solving. It’s simply shutting down your mind and being still.

Wow! I can barely shut my mind off to fall asleep. However, in my college theatre classes, we did practice stillness and I remember how much I loved it. I always wished those minutes lasted longer.

I’m going to take Michael’s advice and schedule myself some time to be still. What about you? Do you need to be still? Are you working on the goals you set at the beginning of the year?

And, stay tuned for upcoming posts with ideas to accomplish better in, better out for yourself!