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This month’s 10-4 party has arrived! Join in the fun yourself until August 11th.

1. What is your favorite makeup product? MAC Lipglass. Hands down the one item I always buy. I also love that I can save up my empty products to be recycled and turn six in for a free lipstick!

2. What foreign country would you like to travel to? I’m just going to say Europe. I’ve never been over the Atlantic and would love to spend time exploring the continent.

3. What’s the last package you received in the mail? Speaking of favorites and makeup products, I just received my first Birchbox! It was filled with great goodies and for only $10/month, I can’t wait to see what August holds! (By the way, the Stila lip glaze in ‘camera’ is giving my lipglass a run for its money.)

4. What is your favorite picture from July? My sister and I ran with friends in our first 5k…The Color Run! I had such a good time and am already looking forward to my next race. This photo is definitely my favorite for all that it represents.5. What’s your favorite board game? Monopoly.

6. What is your favorite Bible story? Why? 5 loaves and 2 fish. As a mom and someone who worked in a catering environment, it truly is a miracle that those few items fed so many people. What I LOVE is that Jesus never panics. He doesn’t even draw attention to what He did. Instead, he prays (and I believe trusts) and simply feeds the people. Humility and faith are often what I need to be taught, which is why I value this lesson.

7. What is your favorite non-fast food restaurant? Asakusa but my husband does not enjoy sushi or maki rolls. I knew he was proud of me for running the 5k when he suggested we go there for dinner to celebrate!

8. What summer Olympic event do you enjoy watching the most? Women’s Gymnastics and synchronized diving.

9.  What is your favorite post from July? I didn’t post much in July, but I’d have to say my post about Mister Rogers’ inspiration was my favorite to write and read.

10.  What famous person would you like to have dinner with? Harry Connick, Jr. I’m not sure that’s my final decision, but who wouldn’t want to stare across the dinner table at him. 🙂 Or maybe he could just sing while I ate. That would work too.

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