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“Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?”

With wordpress and hootsuite and buffer app all in a row.

Out of the blue, I started to notice a large variety of twitter clients and apps appearing in my stream as the tools identified making the posts for those I’m following. Many of these tools I’ve never even heard of.

It made me wonder:

  • Do people notice tools (for efficiency) are being used? (See my tweets above. See the “…via Hoosuite” in the details? In Hootsuite’s dashboard it adds the notation. I notice you no longer see that via Twitter.com unless you use the “expand” feature on each tweet.) Which makes me wonder if people “can” notice the distinction?
  • Do people realize that even though accounts may ‘appear’ active, they may in fact be on ‘auto-pilot?’

And where did all of these apps come from?! Seriously.

So, how does your twitter garden grow? Are you using the mainstream twitter clients or do you use one of the outliers? Why?

PS – yes, totally hokey but for some reason, looking at the lists made me think of this classic nursery rhyme. Blame it on Mister Rogers.