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If you know me, you’re probably thinking “What?!” and I couldn’t agree more. That was until I heard Ben Barry speak at an AdFed event and Erik Deckers speak at a Cancer Services Social Media Luncheon. Now I’m convinced that I am in fact both a hacker and a writer.

What I learned about hacking from Ben Barry is that it can be another word to describe innovation. When you come up with a new idea, or a revision, or a new way to use something previously created, you are hacking. He and his Facebook coworkers do this regularly through Hackathons and some of the Facebook experiences you have each day are the result of these hacks.

If you read this blog regularly, you can tell by my grammar that I am not a professional writer. I don’t claim to be, nor do I plan to make my living through writing. That said, Erik Deckers encourages anyone who writes to consider themselves a writer and to do so with purpose. He gave really great tips at how to improve your writing and I’m looking forward to (hopefully) more purposeful writing. (Inside joke intended for those who also heard Erik speak.)

I feel like I’m part of the cool club now. ๐Ÿ™‚

What about you? Would you consider yourself a hacker or a writer?