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An art of the past with huge impact for today.

What is it about mail that we just love? And you do, don’t you? There’s the iconic romantic comedy that simply by name reminds you of the audible reminder that someone has communicated with you. And the slight surge of excitement you get when you open your mailbox and see more items in there then when you left.

You’ve got mail.

Yes! Someone loves me. Isn’t that it?

It might sound sappy but I’m loving a handwritten note lately. Even my five-year old daughter thinks they’re special. She recently received a note in the mail (complete with stickers on the envelope no less) and she squealed with delight before I’d even opened it up and read it to her. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of instant communication tools like social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and technology (i.e. email and texts), but there is something special about a handwritten note.

It tells me someone took time. It takes longer to hand write something than it does to type (for most of us). It tells me the person gave it thought. What stationary did they select? What words did they use? It also tells me I’m worth an investment. At this point, most of us have a data plan where texts are free. But a stamp – if you even have a stamp – costs us coin.

As much as I love receiving, how much more joy do I get from sending? This post is as much an encouragement to you to pick up a pen and paper and put a stamp on it, as it is to me. I’m trying to be more purposeful with sending notes. At work, we’re encouraged to send personal notes of gratitude to our coworkers at home. Yes! How special is it when that parcel in the mailbox is a personal note from your boss? It’s amazing! If it’d been slid in my inbox on my desk, it wouldn’t mean as much. Am I right?

So, cheers to Wendy, Kristin, Rick and Tonya who recently gave a rush of excitement and made me feel special when you sent me (or my daughter) a note in the mail. I treasure each of them, truly. And thank you to Elisa for encouraging me to move some of my blog posts from draft to published.