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As you may know, I have a new role as Director of Community Engagement at Parkview Health. In doing research for this new role, I’ve found that the word “engagement” is used quite a bit for quite a lot of things. In the healthcare industry alone, it covers interactions with patients, coworkers, community, physicians and other businesses.

However, what is also clear is that no one has defined one comprehensive definition of what is “engagement.” Most often, they describe it by what is measured by or the outcomes. If we all use the term, it would seem to indicate we each carry our own definition or have an inherent sense of what engagement ‘feels like.’

Are our personal interpretations of engagement all the same? Is there a common thread? Does it cross all platforms and industries and metrics?

And frankly, does our personal definition even matter if it doesn’t match up with the audience we’re trying to engage?

UPDATE: Great post by Jeremiah Owyang who warns not to use the term until you know what it means.