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Growing up, I’d always say that I had a well-rounded childhood. There were lots of reasons I believe this but I could always point to this one day when I was twelve; I started the morning with the Fort Wayne Ballet’s Nutcracker and tea with my mom and spent the evening watching monster trucks (with a real Transformer!) at the Coliseum with my Pawpaw. Quite the variety of interests.

This past Saturday night, I had the exact same feeling. What a day! I spent the morning at the 122nd Fighter Wing with the Jason Baker Pro Football Mini Camp. The afternoon was spent with community members focused on ways to rethink Fort Wayne at TEDxFortWayne.

And then it hit me. I’ve just turned 32 so that would make my two remarkable, worth-nothing, reflective-of-my-life days exactly 20 years apart…

Realizing this, I considered what if any correlation could be made. Thinking about each of these experiences, it comes down to investment. As a child, so many people invested in me. As an adult, it’s my turn to invest in others. Spending the morning watching soldiers and coaches invest in the lives of middle school athletes couldn’t have been more rewarding. Using my afternoon to be a part of so many investing in our community was thrilling. As a 32 year old, my day ended differently than it did at twelve. I continued to invest but this time in my family with a Team Schoegler date night. How sweet those people and memories are.

My encouragement to you is to invest in others. You may not see the return for 20 years, but you are truly making a difference – if only for a day.