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Are you willing to get honest for a moment?

Perhaps it’s because I work for a tremendous employer or perhaps it’s because I’m willing to share my network with others, but I’m often asked “Do you know of any open positions?” or “We’re hiring! Do you know someone who would make a good fit?” The job inquiries are not always specific to my employer and it’s not always someone unemployed asking. That’s the focus of this post.

Let me start by enforcing the fact I love being able to connect a business and a person and have that connection fill a need for both. However, when I am asked if I know of opportunities by someone currently employed, it makes me pause. There are so many reasons – some very valid – why someone would find displeasure in their job and begin to job seek. Often, I don’t know the “why” behind the ask.

For those who are simply restless, this is my question: do you really think the grass is greener on the other side? Would you be surprised to know the person standing in the other yard is looking at yours and wondering if they can get a spot on your lawn? No kidding. It’s true! In fact, they called me yesterday. (I kid!) But I am often surprised at who is “open to new opportunities.” (I could write a whole other post about the benefits you’ll find if you take a moment to glance back at your own ‘yard’ and find the beauty in it.)

So here’s my bold idea: everybody who’s “open,” simply raise your hand. My guess is there would be a domino effect of open positions if everyone just looked around the room and said “Oh! You want to go? I want your seat.” Wouldn’t it be great if there was even a, “Hey _____, why don’t you take my seat since you’re interested.” It’s like swapping jobs instead of clothes. Is this too bold? Completely unreasonable?

Would it really happen? Probably not. If it did, what would the result be? We won’t know unless it happens. I’m guessing some people would find their ideal fit, their home. Others might realize that in fact the grass is not always greener. Regardless, wouldn’t you feel a sense of relief about being open and honest?

And if you are restless and reading this, here are a few open jobs that I know of right now. Best of luck!

  • Communications Coordinator – Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership. Job Description follows at link below. Submit Cover Letter and Resume by May 31st to Carrie Gillenwater at carrie at NEIndiana.com. JobDescription_Communications Coordinator051112
  • Executive Assistant for The Noll Team with North Eastern Group Realty. Full Time. Pay is negotiable due to work experience. + bonus. Looking for someone interested in a career. Send resume to Brad Noll, brad at thenollteam.com
  • Communications Coordinator – Early Childhood Alliance (http://www.ecalliance.org). Part Time. For further information and/or consideration, please apply or send your resume to: Teresa Miller, tmiller at ecalliance.org.