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Last year on my birthday, I wrote down things I was loving. I figured why not give it another go this year as well and also took the opportunity to reflect on what I was loving last year.

2011 Loves, Updated and Added to for 2012

  1. Yes, still love HGTV though I don’t think I watch it as much. I did end up framing and hanging the collection of illustrations on book pages. Every day, they put a smile on my face. I am an HGTV fan. Pretty much all of the shows, but who doesn’t love Genevieve. She used similar illustrations done on vintage book pages in a dining room redo and I was so excited to find similar prints on Etsy. (Another love.) The initial “H” I plan to put in my office and will put a collection of six vegetables, flowers and insects in my eat-in kitchen.
  2. Where has Sarah gone? Oh how I miss her and her houses. Sarah’s (Summer) House. How can I mention HGTV and not mention Sarah. Seriously. She may be one of the only Canadian things I like. Therefore, she gets her own number.
  3. To be honest, it took me awhile to get started on this love. However, I’m totally in love. I’m seeing some results in the way clothes fit and I feel so much better. Yeah to continuing to improve my health! I am committed that my next thirty years will be healthy. I will at least never be as unhealthy as I am now. Many of my birthday gifts were in this theme and I’m getting this great tank (in a favorite color, inspired by a favorite quote) and a new pair of running shoes. And since I’ve discovered my new favorite local boutique, I’m listing them here. I’m waiting to shop there until I lose a few pounds so I don’t waste money on clothes that don’t fit. (Fingers crossed!)
  4. These rings are still some of my absolute favs. I added one more from the Fort Wayne Museum of Art gift shop; it’s a flower made from paper. I always love when I see women with a great statement index ring. I’m hoping that these wire wrapped beauties will be my signature index ring(s).
  5. Well, not only am I a year older, but my little man is going to be two! Every day gets better with my two little ones. My little guy is turning one in just a few weeks. He and his sister are definitely favorites of mine! Here are a few of my birthday favorites for him… I was worried about how to make a boy’s birthday fun and special (having grown up in a house of girls only), but I found it pretty easy once I chose a “transportation” theme. He LOVES all things with wheels so he should enjoy his party. I made an invitation and then found these great cupcake picks and other goodies on Etsy to help finish the theme. I think I’ll also get this personalized train t-shirt for him to wear on his big day.
  6. These quotes are still relevant for the space I’m in today. These are a few quotes I find to be lovely for a few reasons. One, I think they’re lovely to look at. Two, I feel blessed to be doing what I love and grateful to help others express their generosity. For me, 1 + 2 = meaningful. Here they are: “Whatever you are, be a good one. – Abraham Lincoln” and “I will be grateful for this day.”
  7. I haven’t worn this much but I love it when I see it every day on my nightstand. I’ve wanted this necklace for awhile and love it more now that it is on my neck. (Thanks to my hubby for my Mother’s Day present!) I looked at a lot of Etsy stores but this seller and her work really stood out. My necklace is customized with a quote personal to our family and other special things like family names and dates. It’s special and wonderful to look at!
  8. You can still find us dancing and singing loudly to this soundtrack. It puts a smile on the whole Team’s face. Thank the Lord, my children love music as much as I (and my husband) do. Really, a good song comes on and heads are bopping, hands are clapping and voices are raised. It’s joyous. And – if we’re not in the car – our feet are dancing. This song by Ray LaMontagne is getting a lot of play at our dance parties. I can sing it to my hubby and kids and I’ll look in the backseat and my daughter is singing it to her baby brother. THE greatest and my most favorite!
  9. Our puppy. What a great addition she has been to our team. I think each of us love her in our own way and she returns to love uniquely. As much as I love her, she loves my husband and daughter best. I’m ok with that.
  10. My husband. God truly blessed me with a partner. I fall short of my goal to be a Godly wife and mother so often. Not only does God pick up my slack, but so does Tommy. He’s amazing whether is dishes, laundry, baths or a shoulder rub, he is clear that his family is his priority. He makes me look good and I love him for those reasons and more.
  11. The little people I’ve been blessed to parent. Each day I’m surprised, entertained, blessed, and challenged by these two treasures. I cannot wait to see them grow into the sweet people I know them to be.
  12. My church. Every Sunday I feel like I’m home. I feel safe, encouraged and challenged to grow. Ron and Laura were critical in my growth as a youth and I’m reminded of that and so thankful for the kindness they each showed me as a young woman. I cannot wait to see what growth God has in store for us as a family through our time at Pathway.
  13. Parkview. No, not simply for a paycheck. I feel like I should pinch myself every day when I walk to to know that I get to work in an organization that values knowledge, ideas and desires to fulfill a mission focused on the community. The fact that I’ve been able to spend nearly nine years with Parkview makes me even more grateful. Now, it’s a home for not just me but also my mom, sister and brother-in-law. #WeBleedGreen 🙂
  14. Our community. What’s crazy to me about this is how far our community as come in just a few short years. This new MLK bridge into downtown Fort Wayne is a wonderful representation of this. When my husband and I were first married, we chose to stay here despite the lack of quality of life. That was just eight years ago and now we have too many things to choose from. Darn. Ha! Really, from TinCaps‘ games, trails, Pint & Slice, CS3, Parkview Family Park, what more can we ask for? And to think that none of these were in existence when we made our decision. I cannot wait to see what the next eight years hold for our inspired community. Vision 2020 anyone? 🙂

I guess my list of gratitude this year is less creative and perhaps more predictable. That being said, I couldn’t be happier that my basics in life are not just covered, but they’re rich. What a wonderful time to reflect and be open to only great things in the future.

What are you loving? Any milestones in your near future?