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20120510-132829.jpgLast week during one of my lunches, I was that person. Sitting in a busy restaurant by myself with my iPad, iPhone and MacBook. All of them were out and occasionally being used simultaneously. Why? Because I needed info from an app on my phone while I was working on something online. Better question? Why did I not just enjoy a leisurely lunch?

An answer and a thought…

I’m too busy with work I’m passionate about and a personal life too precious not to give it attention every opportunity I can. Basically, if I didn’t take advantage of this seat and free wifi now, I might not get it all done. And you know what, I’m ok with that. Some might prefer a a simpler speed and that works great for them. Just as I appreciate their preferences, I hope mine can be accepted as well.

My technology use over a cup of soup drew a few looks. The thing I reminded myself is they don’t know my story just like I don’t know theirs. I do know that I’m letting myself off the hook for being connected and busy during my lunch hour. That doesn’t mean I’m ok being connected all the time. I was connected then, so I could disconnect later when I was with my family. Striking that healthy balance is different for all of us and I think respecting everyone’s own choices is important. But first, you have to give yourself permission to do what works best for you, regardless of the stares.

Do you struggle with getting it all done?