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I love having fun for a good cause. It’s something you’ve heard Amber and I say often on INsight. Even though I’ve mentioned my difficulty choosing favorites, I can without a doubt tell you that Parkview Foundation’s Cookin’ Men event is by far the event I look forward to the most all year long. And before you assume it’s simply because I work for Parkview Foundation, let me tell you why.

If you’re looking for an amazing time socializing and enjoying a night out with friends at a non-typical fundraising event…Cookin’ Men.

If you’re looking for an excellent opportunity to network with CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Young Professionals, Media, Politicians & more…Cookin’ Men.

If you’re looking to support women in your community who may not be able to afford a mammogram for reasons of cost or convenience…Cookin’ Men.

Haven’t found your reason yet? How about saving lives. The lives of moms, wives, daughters, sisters, friends, neighbors and maybe even you.

$50 is all it takes to be a part of saving lives. From the first Cookin’ Men event held nine years ago to the event this Saturday, the concept has been all about men and our community coming together around a women’s healthcare issue. For the past several years, the funds raised through Cookin’ Men support Parkview’s partnership in the Francine’s Friends Mobile Mammography program. This year is no exception.

I personally could make too long a list of women in my life affected by breast cancer. I pray the list can shorten and the outcomes improve based on early detection. I’m a busy woman and I know the convenience of getting a mammogram on the coach where I work, shop or worship makes so much sense to me. While the coach is out doing this important work, I plan to play a role by having a great night out in support of the program.

Will you join me at Cookin’ Men? Get your tickets today. They will sell out!