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Remember when I mentioned my up-and-coming actor cousin? What about that LinkedIn training I did over the weekend? While these two topics are seemingly unrelated, I’m here to add a little more random to the mix and perhaps create relevancy for you as well. (See how I did that right there?)

Turns out, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some great individuals and work on a few projects outside the scope (and hours) of my regular job. I have no plans to change my passion for Parkview and will continue to dedicate my focus and efforts for them. However, I enjoy the opportunity to once and awhile think about a different industry and how I might use my skills to help achieve their strategy. Enter, the Augustus Agency.

Essentially, I’ve just given a name to my ‘freelance’ work. I promise to keep you updated on these activities here on my blog, but you’re welcome to follow along over at www.AugustusAgency.com as well. Considering Augustus won’t be my primary (or even secondary) focus, don’t expect regular postings. That said, you’ll know it’s good if there’s a post over there.

And speaking of my cousin, stay tuned because he has exciting news of his own coming in the next few months. I couldn’t be more proud of the young man he is and continues to become.