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If you followed along with the quotes in the month of March, I hope you found at least one quote that resonated. I had a good time finding the quotes and pushing my creativity to create them visually. In summary, here is the collection of 29 quotes. (I had already posted the first two days with plain text when I decided to create visual representations of the quotes for the rest of the month.)

If you’re interested in grabbing one of the files, I’m happy to share. Just leave a comment here with your email address and I’ll send you a JPG. I’ve also pinned the entire group of quotes.

Want some more free goodness? All the fonts I used were downloaded for free and I’ve listed them below with links. Cheers to quoting and creating!

BlairMdlTC TT     Code Bold     Architects Daughter     Pea Rachael Rossman     Bicycle     Matilde     Pea How Sweet Eats     CK Ali’s Hand     Candara     Belgrad     Chalkduster     Chocolate Box    Charcoal    Birch Std     Bolton Sans     Lavanderia       Artiststamp Medium     American Typewriter     Sathu     Desdemona     Zapfino     NeoRetroFill     Honey Script     Acknowledgement     Handwriting – Dakota     Albemarle Swash