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I’m young, relatively speaking, and have never seen the need to make a bucket list. However, I’ve recently come across some things, ideas, and places that make me say “I want to do that sometime.” I figured it wouldn’t hurt to keep a running list of these wishes. Where better to keep them than here? (And Evernote, of course.)

In no particular order, here’s the list as it stands now. I hope to update with new items and also crossed off items!

  • Attend the Kentucky Derby complete with a great outfit and fabulous, grand hat.
  • Speaking of hats, participate in the Dillsboro Easter Hat Parade.
  • Spend one afternoon driving the country side, stopping to take photos wherever and whenever.
  • Stay at Blackberry Farm.
  • Revisit Taos, Santa Fe (church with wooden staircase) and Albuquerque (Sandia Tram and eating at Sadie’s).
  • Author a book and have it published.

Have you created your own bucket list? Want to join me in crossing some off my list? šŸ™‚