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This week is Spring Break for most schools in our area. If you a) have school-age children and b) have planned and budgeted for a week in (INSERT LOCATION WITH SUN AND FUN), you’re likely away and not reading this any post.

But, for those of you in still in town and hard at work, consider your own Spring Break adventure. Eat frogs.

I first heard the concept in a women’s philanthropy and networking group I belong to. Initially, I was really confused and definitely not interested in trying it out. Then I realized it was a figurative idea and it sounded exactly what I needed to get my rear in gear. And, it also doesn’t hurt that it works well with Tim Sanders’ recommendation to start your day with good things; not checking email Facebook Twitter whatever causes you to start the day distracted and derailed.

I’ve encouraged other friends like Amber to “eat frogs” and every time, I hear great results. Every day when I make a concerted effort to start the day with a breakfast of frogs, I’m amazed at a) the amount of work I’m able to accomplish, b) the quality of my work, and c) the lack of stress generated by interruptions that take other tasks off-course.

There’s only three days left in our Spring Break week. Let’s make the most of it! After all, their tans will fade but our good habits will (hopefully) last a lifetime.