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Etiquette has been defined not as just good manners but making others comfortable by the way we behave. I’m sure my friend and protocol expert, Karen, would agree.

This definition and the reminder to use simple kindness makes me immediately think of my children. When my daughter was little, I was pleasantly surprised the first time she echoed me and said “Thank you” and “You too!” in response to the drive-thru worker’s “Have a nice day.” I realized that I often said it out of habit, but now I take joy is saying those simple words. Let’s face it. The fact that I’m at a drive-thru indicates that I’m busy. But too often, we think we’re too busy to extend a simple courtesy. We should never be too busy to be kind.

Remember, we’re an example to those around us, including the next generation. I must say, I was encouraged to keep it up when my son began echoing these same words in recent weeks. Out of the mouths of babes….