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Today marks my three year anniversary Twittiversary of @HSchoegler on Twitter. What a fun three years it has been! I’ve met so many of you via Twitter and often those online exchanges have resulted in personal relationships. I love when social media turns to real-life social or professional.

Here are a few of my Twitter stats (at time of writing this post):

  • 8,115 Tweets sent
  • 7.41 avg. tweets sent per day
  • 2,245 Following
  • 174 list inclusions
  • 19 lists created
  • 1st ranking in “Northeast Indiana” by Twitaholic.com (I’m guessing most local social media users list the city “Fort Wayne, IN”)
  • $1,530 profile value according to TweetValue.com (Does anyone know where I can cash in? I didn’t think so.)

And just because I think visually, here’s a word cloud of my top 300 words tweeted in the first three months of 2012.

And what girl needs an excuse to buy herself something? Not this one. Thankfully, I discovered glass is an appropriate modern anniversary gift. I’m considering this sweet “tweet” mug an anniversary present to myself.

Happy Tweeting!