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Once upon a time, I knew a girl named Abby. Actually, two. I’ve been loving the Akers of Love blog for awhile for Abby’s sincerity of heart and her adoption journaling. Recently, she challenged her readers to participate in a 10-4 link party. Here goes nothing…

1. What is your go-to meal to fix? Right now, my kids most often ask for “Mommy’s Yummy Pasta” (whole wheat tortellini with pesto sauce) or “Pizza Balls” (biscuits with mini-turkey pepperoni and mozzarella cheese rolled into a ball and baked in muffin pans). Clearly we’re missing some fruits and veggies but we do a pretty good job of this usually, and throughout the day.

2. What piece of furniture in your home do you love the most? Our ottoman. Weird, I know, but we bought our great room furniture pre-kids. We were trying to plan ahead and went with a leather sofa, chairs and long leather ottoman with a super soft top and edges. Every day, my kids are climbing, spilling, eating on or jumping off this ottoman and I’m constantly grateful for the safety and durability it offers.

3. What is your favorite picture from last month {February}? I had the BEST (and first) mommy-daughter date night in February. She planned the entire itinerary and it was truly a memorable evening. This photo is from our time at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.

4. What household chore do you dread doing? Let me start by saying my husband is AMAZING and knows that I’m not a big fan of certain household tasks. Because of this, I don’t dread any that I’m responsible for. Yeah for having an amazing team! If I had to do some of the ones he took over for me, it would be cleaning our shower and bathtub. Hands down.

5. What was your first car? 1986 Pontiac Grand Am. I got it in 1996 and adorned it with great things like a Peace Frog sticker in the back window. I was such a cool Sophomore. Ha!

6. What is your favorite bible verse or favorite quote? So hard to answer! The Bible is filled with so many amazing words for us and each carrying such meaning at various points in my life. The one I’ve been meditating on recently is Philippians 2:3,4.

7. Spring is coming. What are you looking forward to most? Family time. In our house, Spring signals the end of nine months of busy sports seasons. As the sun shines, we have the opportunity for more family time, which inevitably means more memory making. I treasure it.

8. What is the first blog you remember following? Non-work related would probably be Young House Love. I still love them. (pun intended)

9.  What is your favorite post that you wrote last month? My blogging was pretty light in February, but I’d have to say my post on being a good influence sticks with me the most. Every second I’m with my kids, I’m trying to pause and consider my influence in that moment. I’m far from perfect but I’m aware and trying to do well.

10. What’s the last book you read? “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson. I have a hard time saying I’d recommend it. Jobs is obviously smart, engaging and influential. But I wouldn’t describe him as kind, a servant leader or excellent father/husband. My opinion, but I left the book with this thought, “His products are so amazing and wonderful, but I wonder how much better they would be if they came from a place of love and generosity instead of arrogance.”

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