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How is your New Year’s resolution or philosophy or goal going? We’re a month and a half into 2012 and if I’m being honest, I’m not running the race as well as I started. I’m still committed and thrilled to move forward with my #BetterInBetterOut challenge. But it’s tough.

So many of you shared that you have enjoyed clicking “unsubscribe”. I love that! Good for you. And good for our inboxes!

A few weeks, ago Chris Brogan challenged his newsletter readers to quit something. I thought it was a great challenge for those of us focused on #BetterInBetterOut. Here’s what Chris had to say.

Quit something. Quit many things. Fire some of your old habits. Give up on some of the time wasters in your life. Pick whatever you want. It’s your world. But share the process. Share why. Share how that will benefit your community.
And then he shared how it will benefit his own community, his readers.

The more I give away of my time and efforts to other sources, the less I can focus on helping you, and you’re who matters to me. That’s why I’m quitting what I’ll be quitting.

This week seemed to be oozing with love. What a better time to tell those you love what you’re quitting and why it is for them. I’m thinking about what consumes my hours and thoughts and continue to look for opportunities to carve out more time to make the biggest difference with those I love – my husband and kids.