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With my husband off on weekends for the first time in over 8 years, we’ve been enjoying time together as a family. Most of our weekends are spent at home or venturing out for family activities. However, this weekend, we had out of town guests and decided to go out to eat. Wrong idea.

Do you all wait in line for over an hour just to eat someone’s cooking? Seriously? Every weekend? Yikes. I don’t think we’ll be doing that again. Or at least not often.

Our experience wasn’t all bad though. It did begin with a 45-minute wait at an average restaurant while watching many groups of two sat before us (sure, we had 6 in our group but giving us no official “wait time” did not work for my toddler and 5 year who were clearly off their schedule due to the restaurant’s poor customer service…). While we were forever waiting, I called to other restaurants in the area who verified 45-minute waits at their locations as well. One restaurant however promised a zero wait, so we ended up at what may be our new favorite restaurant.

Vince’s. Have you been there yet? Definitely a step-above the traditional Applebee’s type chain but not as fine-dining as Chop’s or Baker Street. Great decor, friendly staff and creative menu. The food: every bite of every dish we had was wonderful! My husband had two appetizers (calamari and a specialty shrimp dish) and he loved both. As a sometimes-fan of calamari, Vince’s preparation was by far my favorite. I had the $100 Aviator burger (not the actual price, just the name) and holy moly was it amazing. Even my children’s mac n’ cheese was penne pasta with genuine cheese melted throughout with a side of broccoli.

Perhaps my favorite part was the happy accident on Twitter the following day. A friend of mine had “@VincesFortWayne” listed in her paper.li daily. I had no idea that Vince’s was using social media! Note the word “using”; they don’t just have an account and post silly photos. They have “Social Media Mondays” offering those who show their tweets a discount or free food item. They even do promotions for gift certificates for those who mention them on Twitter.

Of course, I’m following them now and already looking at the calendar for when we can go back. I think it may be an upcoming Sunday because my favorite discovering after scrolling their Twitter account is that they offer a Sunday brunch! Yum!

Do you have a restaurant you’d wait in line for? Are they on social media?