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I’ve never been a fan of making New Year’s resolutions but this year, I feel grown up enough to make them and keep them. Or at least, I feel mature enough to really think about what it is I’m interested in improving for the year to come. Rather than make a list, I decided to make my goal more of a philosophy.

Better in, better out.

No, this isn’t digestive. (Although healthy eating is part of it.) Last year, I read the prequel to my favorite book called “Today We are Rich”. In his latest book, Tim Sanders includes the following paraphrase of Dr. Norman Peale from The Power of Positive Thinking and it has stuck with me.

What comes out of the mind is what you put in the mind. You must feed your mind like you feed your body.

Here is what this quote will mean to me in 2012:

  • Cleaning “up.” I’m clicking unsubscribe instead of just clicking delete and feeling angsty about the sender/brand/organization/product and my laziness to do something about it. I’m also unsubscribing from feeds in my Google Reader. I’m starting with a clean slate and have marked “all as read” instead of staring at the thousands of unread items that had accumulated in my Reader making me feel unaccomplished and further behind. I can’t wait to get purposeful with what I’m reading! If you’re catching a theme, it probably means I’ll be taking the same approach with my other social networks and choosing only those in my in-stream who are sharing positive thoughts with their out-stream.
  • Eating well. Nope, not a diet but a continued focus on eating what my body needs to be healthy instead of what sounds good in the moment. More water, fruits, veggies and other good fuels.
  • Getting active. No, I’m not planning on joining a gym. Just using the tools I have in my home (some for the first time!) and simply moving. It’s ridiculous that a former cheerleader/coach my age and in fairly ok shape can be out of breath climbing stairs. No longer!
  • Being smart about my intake. If I am what I eat, then I’m also what I read, watch and listen to. I’m going to focus on one of my three words for this…family. Since I’m increasing my family time, I’m not going to waste my time reading, watching or listening to things that don’t make the biggest impact or support my other goals. Something as simple as using our DVR with more purpose instead of just having the tv running in the background all the time can make a huge difference.


All of these ideas about cutting back, cutting out, deleting, unsubscribing, removing, an focusing on only “good” might start to sound hoighty-toighty or even prudish. I’m thankful that Tim reminds,

Her positive-intake plan wasn’t selfish—it was purposeful. The filter she put on what or whom she listened to wasn’t prudish—it was prudent.

I plan to share some of my thoughts on this as the year progresses and I hope you’ll consider joining me in a similar effort for yourself. If so, please let me know! I’d love to hear your ideas for in-taking good and to share the results you’re experiencing as well.

(And if you’re on Twitter, let’s use the hashtag #BetterInBetterOut.)