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Last year, it seemed like “three words” was all the rage. I haven’t seen the same frequency of posts this year, but wanted to choose another set for myself in 2012. This exercise was a great way for me to start the year with focused purpose and consideration.

My three words for 2012:

  • Generosity – This means so many things to me, both personally and professionally. I want to look for more opportunities to be generous to others. It’s a continuation of being a lovecat, but also looking at the many ways in which to live generously. How can I encourage it? How can I be a part of it? How can I inspire it? How can I teach it to my children?
  • Growth – I want to be a part of things getting better. New growth, continued growth, HUGE growth. Even as I type this, I’m not quite sure what this means but I’m excited to see what it looks like on December 31, 2012.
  • Family – More than anything, I’m looking forward to a lot of goodness in this area. For the first time in nearly 8 years of marriage, my husband and I will have weekends off together. We’re big on creating memories and traditions and I can’t wait to see what 2012 holds for us! I’m also planning on putting more of my time and energy into the little people who call me “Mom”. Awards, a full social calendar, friends and followers are great, but they are nothing if all my children see is the back of my laptop or iPhone. I haven’t figured it out yet, but I’m planning to still do it all (ha!) but just do it better. For their sake and mine.

Have you picked your three words? Will you share them with me?
And stay tuned…I’ll be sharing my New Year’s resolutions with you later in the week.