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Maybe you’ve seen the daily, alphabetical posts of Thanksgiving on Facebook. I have several friends participating in this. One friend even started a blog in this theme. I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon but it definitely gave me pause for consideration.

My favorite author (this goes without saying at this point, right?) recently wrote a challenge to personally thank those who have made a difference in your life. In a recent keynote, the speaker challenged us to think of five people who made a difference in your life. There seems to be a theme, yes?

Well, they say it comes in three’s and sure enough, driving in the car listening to our “kids mix” on the iPod, I heard Kristen Chenoweth sing “For Good”.

I have to admit, when I watched this during the show, I was sobbing. Sobbing! Can you imagine what that moment felt like for those Morehouse Men standing on stage and for Oprah to receive such a gift of thanks?

Occasionally, we’re lucky to receive such a gift. A former intern of mine wrote perhaps the most kind, gracious, pull-out-and-read-again-for-years kind of thanks to me. I think I felt like Oprah when I read it. 🙂 Thanks, Heathyr, for a gift I continue to cherish!

My challenge to you – thank those that came before you. Those who came into your life for a reason. Those who changed you for good. Don’t miss the opportunity to do so today.

Today, I thank…

  • My family – I could name each of you individually and list a specific way you’ve impacted my life, but I’d run out of space on this blog.
  • Rebecca Karcher – a dear friend who teaches me about kindness, acceptance and friendship daily.
  • Mr. Moser – who inspired me to teach, no matter what my job is.
  • The Fly-Moms – who give unconditional love and demonstrate the unique ability to be vulnerable.
  • Mike Packnett – who is the most real example of a servant leader I’ve had the pleasure to work with.
  • Tim Sanders – who isn’t just my favorite author, but is the person who put into words my theory of life and couldn’t be any nicer of a person in real life.
  • Ron and Laura Williams – who demonstrate God’s love to others because it’s their heart (not their job) and brought out my heart for missions.
  • Tommy Schoegler – who allows me to be the best me and is always demonstrating his love for me and our family by putting himself last.
  • Jesus Christ – no one could have changed me more.

…for putting your hand print on my heart. Because I knew you, I have been changed for good.