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Today, I had the privilege of hosting a “meet the baby” shower for my little sister and her newest little love. It was a bit non-traditional in that the man-of-the-hour is four-weeks old and was present. This was her second and they were keeping the gender and name a surprise until his arrival so it made sense to wait until after to have the shower. They didn’t need anything immediately and the extra time allowed her to figure out what she did in fact need with baby number two.

With the time of year, we decided to go with a “Meet the Little Pumpkin” theme. Everything from invites, to decor, to shower ‘game’ reflected the theme.

There was even a pumpkin gift! My mom knitted baby boy a pumpkin hat. So sweet!

This was a really fun theme to work with and I used a lot of Pinterest inspiration to decorate my home – from decor to food. If you’re interested in doing something similar, here is the list of ‘ingredients’ for the party.


  • Pumpkin Cake – pumpkin spice and carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
  • Marshmallow Pops – marshmallows dipped in Wilton Candy Melts (Chocolate, Orange and Yellow) and sprinkles
  • Neiman Marcus Dip
  • Party Punch – modified from original recipe, which tends to be red. Instead, use Hawaiian Punch orange, Apple Juice, and Fresca.
  • Seasonal Candies and Cookies
  • Mixed Nuts


  • Artificial Pumpkins – various sizes and shapes

I spray painted some pumpkins and added embellishments like ribbon (for plaid pumpkins inspired by this), leaves, felt flowers, and thumbtacks to decorate the pumpkins. (The thumbtacks were used to create the monogram that was used on the paper items like invitations and was inspired by this.) Shopping end-of-season sales and the dollar store as well as leftover craft supplies, my total cost for these pumpkins was around $45.

  • Wine Bottle Candles

I spray painted used wine bottles with chalkboard paint and wrapped them with burlap of varying widths.

  • Various Glass Vases and Candleholders

Because I was hoping to use these decorations for my Fall decorating in the future, I took old glass vases and a few I purchased at the dollar store and sprayed them using a Coppery tone, Silver and with Looking Glass paint. I also used the Looking Glass spray paint on the underside of dollar store plates and bowls that were used as serving dishes. (I am in LOVE!) And of course, I had to use at least one more pin as inspiration for glass candle holders.

  • Twigs

Pick them up from your yard, or look at craft stores for sales! I picked up two bundles for the price of one.

  • Fabrics and Burlap

Knowing the fabrics wouldn’t just be used for this shower (ideally), I picked fabrics that matched the colors of the party and were prints I could use for future sewing projects. I also picked a burlap that wasn’t too coarse since it would be on the table and more than likely would be touched.


  • Wishes – Instead of playing a traditional shower game, we invited guests to complete a list of “wishes” for the baby and sign their name. These were then given to baby’s mom to include in his baby book.