Our local elections will have been decided exactly 7 days from today. Our ballot includes the offices for Mayor, City Clerk and City Council. There are incumbents and independents.

No matter the office, the party or the person, the one common denominator is you. You have a voice. You can cast a vote. Some may argue it to be our greatest freedom as Americans.

I believe in voting. I also believe in making an educated (to the best of my ability) vote. If you’re undecided or even just unclear at this point, I highly recommend you download the YLNI the VOTE brochure found at www.YLNI.org. (Scroll to bottom and click “YLNI the VOTE” to download the PDF brochure.)

For the past four years, Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana (YLNI) has put together a non-partisan candidate brochure featuring every candidate on the ballot in Fort Wayne and/or Allen County. Each candidate is asked a set of questions relevant to their office and the issues YLNI feel are relevant to emerging leaders.

Each year, I read the candidate responses and this information helps inform my decision. Maybe you’ll do the same.

What information sources do you use as you consider your vote?