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Catching up on my I Believe in Advertising feed, I came across the following “behind the scenes” video of Bare Escentuals casting for their new “Be a Force of Beauty” campaign.

Now that you’ve seen it too, what are your thoughts? Curious to see the five faces?

While I appreciate the message “Pretty is not enough.” and “There’s no limit to what you can do.”, I’m a little iffy on the genuineness of their methodology.

Remember, they didn’t do an open invite to all women or even all women online. They sent invitations to models and actresses. Based on what we see on TV and in print, I’m pretty sure they were confident they weren’t getting anyone below average in the beauty category. In other words, they played it safe. Also interesting is that they ended up with ethnic diversity. While I’m thankful for that, I wonder what pieces of information clued them into making those selections (if in fact diversity was something they were interested in, and I’m guessing it was).

Am I being too cynical?