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My husband and I are making an effort to run a better household. That means a lot of things for us including creating better daily routines, teaching/working with our children each evening, cutting down on TV, and eating more home-cooked meals.

That last part is where I’m challenged. I’m not a bad cook…when I cook. I’m exhausted when I get home from work every day, and with our schedules, it’s just easier to do what’s quick. But, I know that isn’t best for any of us and we’re committing to improving our health.

Here’s the plan. Instead of grocery shopping every two weeks, we’ll be shopping weekly based on the list of meals we plan to make. I love this because we’re able to focus on fresh ingredients. We also get to try a lot of dishes I’ve been pinning and saving in Evernote.

For week one of our new meal plan, here is what we’ll be enjoying:

I promise to post some sort of a review of the meals as we progress.

Have you tried anything like this with your family? Did you have success? Any family favorite recipes you’d recommend?