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What a headline, right? You’re probably wondering why.

Well, I just finished sewing my sister a nursing cover for her soon-to-be-born new love. (Yes, there will be a blog post with how-to tips and tricks.) As I thought about her upcoming delivery date and reflected on mine, I recalled this article in the News Sentinel that gave me some thought. Whether you breastfed your children, considered it or didn’t try it at all, it is interesting to think about what influences our decisions.

I agree that lactation consultants and the freebies do seem to be a bit contradictory. But, I will say that any bit of pressure that can be removed from a new mom is welcome. I wanted to breastfeed but had all sorts of problems that made it difficult to from the start. The lactation consultant told me that no matter what, they would make sure the baby had nurishment – whatever that may be. She also encouraged me to pump first and allow the baby to take breastmilk from the bottle. Brilliant!!! I cannot thank her enough for presenting options and taking the weight and worry off my shoulders. That option started a very successful 8 months of breastfeeding.

If the freebies undermine breastfeeding, they’re at least letting moms know there are options. (I should note that while the freebies were placed in my room, never once did a nurse ask me about them or reference the formula at all.) I’m thankful to have been able to breastfeed both of my children. And my friends who did not, are thankful for those hospital freebies I passed their way since we weren’t using them.