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UPDATE: Russ’ newest mailer (around 10.27.11) is a definite improvement in content and design. For one, his family photo is used in the way it was photographed, wedding rings on correct hands. It also uses a bit of an infographic to compare he and his opponent. As someone who thinks visually, I appreciate this method of sharing information. A definite design improvement but will it help him win?

I do not enjoy the “politics” of politics. At all. I believe that public servants should be that. I’m not a fan of those who run for office as a career aspiration and really have no intent to serve those they are elected to represent.

This year, our local election is focused on city government including Mayor, Clerk and City Council seats. I live in the 2nd district and have been frustrated with the City Council race between Goldner and Jehl to date. While I vote bi-partisan, historically most of my votes go to the Republican party. However, I will not be casting a vote for Russ Jehl my 2nd District Republican candidate.

You might think I’d base my vote on marketing aspects since that’s what I do with most of my time. There are plenty of options to sway your vote (away from him) in this regard including his signs, postcards and bad photo-shopping. (Note to Russ: change the layout of your postcard before you flip the image of your family. Especially when your wedding rings end up on the opposite hands.)

Tonight, I was watching “Political Radar” on Indiana’s NewsCenter. Councilman Tim Pape and Allen County Republican Chairman Steve Shine were discussing the 2nd District race. Councilman Pape said that out of anyone in local politics, Russ Jehl was the most out of touch with his constituents and what they are interested in. He also pointed out that Goldner defeated Schmidt – a 9-term council veteran – in the race four years ago. Shine responded to Pape with a statement I’d summarize as “Goldner beat Schmidt because of of the fiasco at the top of the ticket.”

I couldn’t agree with you more, Mr. Shine! And that is exactly why Goldner should win again. The fiasco he references is the Mayoral race between now Mayor Henry and Matt Kelty. Has anyone else made the connection between Russ Jehl and Kelty’s campaign manager (Glenna Jehl)? Russ is Glenna’s son.

I didn’t vote for Kelty and I won’t be voting for Russ. As I mentioned, I’m not a fan of those who run for office for personal gain and notoriety instead of looking at it as a service opportunity. If Russ was interested in serving, he’d be out filling those potholes instead of posing with them and cluttering up my mailbox.