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Spotted: InStyle magazine ad

Scan Result: A listing for the product with details and an informational video as well.

Review: I’m going to review this in two parts. First, let’s start with the ad. I like this headline but after the line “what’s your type?”, they’ve lost me. WAY too much text. And the QR code looks like an after thought. If you’re going to use a QR code, do so with purpose. And be sure your audience knows that you want them to scan it. At this point, I’m not sure what Cuisinart wants me to do beside think that the girl in the photo is perhaps flirtatious.

The highlight of this ad is definitely the scan result. Too often, the scan would just take you to the Cuisinart website. This however takes you right to the product listing and gives great additional info. I actually read the info and was pleasantly surprised to learn this machine has quite a list of features. AND you can use Keurig K-Cups with it. I’d say the ad isn’t doing this machine justice but the QR code is trying hard to make up for it.