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Oh the hopes I had for this ad with designer QR code….


Spotted: InStyle magazine ad

Scan Result:    I felt a bit like I was watching the little engine that could while waiting for this scan result. At first, it went to the Macy’s site but then redirected to what says “Fall 2011 Collection”. Unfortunately, the end is this disappointing white screen. Ugh.

Review: Ok, let’s get past the result and just talk about the code. I’m excited to see QR codes go beyond the black and white squares. Kudos to Macy’s for thinking outside the box. Another smart move, using their social media icons to let us know there are many ways to engage with them.

You know what I like even more…after typing this post, I made a quick stop on Facebook and saw this Sponsored Post. How timely! What’s great about it (besides the coincidence)? They’re making the most of the star code and using it as a brand mark. Smart. Wish the result was as smart as the deployment.