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I came across this Kenneth Cole ad in InStyle magazine. It definitely stood out. I’m guessing that was the goal, so I’d say it was a successful design and placement.

But, I’m wondering if it will work further. The headline is provocative. The website call-to-action leads you to a site that offers two options: 1) shop men or women clothes or 2) Pick a topic (Guns, Pro Choice, Gay Rights, War) and engage in dialogue.

Here are my questions – do you want to mix your fashion with your feelings? Did you know where Kenneth Cole stood before? Do you consider the designer of your clothes’ viewpoint when you go to purchase? To what extent?

If they’re trying to sell clothes, I’m not sure this is getting the job done. If they’re forming an activist group, I think they’re on the right track.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. (And not on the topics in the ad or on the website, but on the choice to advertise something aside from your main line of business.)