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The main highlight of my girl-gathering was not the food, but since you don’t care about all our chatter and chasing of kids – I’ll give you the goods on the grub. And it was good!

As promised in my earlier post, I followed through and made all three of of my pin inspirations. This is what the table looked like with just my dishes.

Then the other ladies arrived with their dishes and we outgrew the table! NOTE: all the links go to the original pins with recipe information. Just follow the hyperlink trail. 🙂

Here is the food that continued to the counter….

Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili

(Link to original pin)

Cupcake Fondue

(Link to original Pin)

Remember – because of allergies and other concerns, all of these items are gluten-free!

Do you have a favorite dish to take to potlucks?